I am originally from Toronto, but have called Calgary my home for the past 5 years. Growing up in Toronto, cycling throughout my teen years involved building dirt jumps with friends and testing the durability of the finest bikes that Canadian Tire had to offer. Moving to Calgary, and being immersed in the active culture that this city is known for re-introduced me to my love of cycling. Now cycling for me has come full circle. 12 years ago I was riding to dig the biggest jumps that my spade could handle, but now I am riding for something much more important – To build and dig wells for those that don’t have access to clean drinking water.


Between 3 Ironman finishes, 2 half Ironman finishes, and racing in the 2016 Xterra World Championships, this is the event that I am most looking forward to. Racing triathlon has always been an individual effort.  What I am most looking forward to is accomplishing this challenge with a talented team all while raising money for a very important cause. We are so privileged to be living in a country where we don’t have to think about our necessities. Raising money and awareness for this cause is the least that we can do to help provide clean drinking water to those that need it most.

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Let's start talking about people, pedals and water!

The Wheels for Wells Vancouver to Calgary Bike Tour is about creating conversations! Our objective on this ride is to raise awareness that over 663 million people on the planet do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. This number may sound like a statistic, but every person who has died because of a water-related disease was loved by their families and communities. We are not ok with this! That is why we plan a five day ride over 1000 kilometres through the Rocky Mountains. That's already a challenge, but to make a point our cyclists only drink from natural water sources found along the route! We do this epic ride, to create a fuss and get people talking! 

The Wheels for Wells Tour starts in downtown Vancouver. Over the five day journey, the riders ride to Calgary from Vancouver stopping in Sunshine Valley Resort, Kelowna, Revelstoke and Field. The riders drink from only fresh water sources such as lakes, ponds, springs and rivers. Each rider will have a unique history and a unique journey. Their stories and pictures will be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

The 2017 ride is the 5th consecutive year for the Tour. Each year has had different cycling teams involved. This year, seven cyclists will be on the Tour.


The BC forest fires threatened to cancel this year's tour. We encourage you to also consider showing your support for those who need aid due to the fires in BC. #FireAndWaterTour2017 

Watch as the new team ventures on the 2017 tour July 27-31!   

Sarah Fillier 

Meet The 2017 Wheels for Wells Tour Team


Jaylene Kemp

I live in Calgary Alberta, but I am originally from North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I grew up on an acreage in the middle of the prairies where my parents and neighbours farmed. This history makes me feel at home in Alberta. Riding my bike along the back roads in Alberta provokes a certain amount of nostalgia.


This is the third year I have organized and  participated in the Wheels for Wells Vancouver to Calgary Bike Tour. Similar to the past years, this year will come with its ups and downs, highs and lows. I am excited about our amazing team and the positive impact that they want to make in the world. This will certainly help with the challenging sections of the ride. 

I feel that the number one point of this ride is to create awareness of the global water crisis by having critical conversations about water issues. I have visited water projects in Tanzania and I have seen, first hand, the impact that a water project can have. Communities go from barely surviving to thriving when safe water is available. I want to tell this story. I want people to be aware of how having access to water can change the world.

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I live in Calgary but am originally from Portugal, Lisbon, however, I was born in the Portuguese African Colony of Angola, Luanda. I am a retired Professional Cyclist and Long distance Triathlete. I currently work as a full-time cycling/triathlon coach. I also teach indoor cycling classes as well travel around the world sharing about cycling and power as a Master Educator for Stages Cycling.

I’m very excited to take part in 2017’s Wheels for Wells ride. This will be a remarkable event that I couldn't allow to pass by without jumping into. The opportunity to contribute by bringing awareness to the lack of potable water in the World and especially in Africa is rewarding. This ride is also a great opportunity to bring back the long days on the saddle!


I am fairly new to Wheels for Wells but I am not to the cycling world. I am hoping that my sports background and the opportunity of completing the ride for such noble cause will inspire me to be successful riding the 1000 km.


Thank you for supporting Wheels for Wells, wish the team and myself luck as we embark on the 5 day, 1000km, Vancouver to Calgary ride!

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I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta and grew up cycling the backroads in this beautiful province.  I spent four years living in Victoria, BC studying at the University of Victoria.  During my time in Victoria I made countless trips back home through the scenic Rocky Mountains.  During my commutes to and from Victoria I always had it in the back of my mind to cycle from the West Coast to Calgary to really soak in the beauty and natural resources that this country has to offer.  Along with my love for cycling I’ve had the privilege of racing in the Boston Marathon, the 2016 Xterra World Championships, and also completed two Ironmans.

With a career as an Environmental Planner in Alberta, and an outdoor enthusiast I’m aware of how accessible water is to Canadians. It’s hard to imagine living without access to clean and safe drinking water, however over 663 million people in the world are faced with this challenge every single day. Although riding over 1000 km from Vancouver to Calgary will be a huge test of my endurance, it won’t be anything in comparison to the struggle millions face every day in their search for clean and safe drinking water. I’m excited to complete the tour and create awareness about this major issue and raise the funds required to help build a water well for a community in Somalia desperately in need.

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I am so excited to be a part of the Wheels for Wells Vancouver to Calgary Cycling Tour for the second year in a row! Last year definitely had its challenges. It was wet, cold, and it snowed. But it also had charm. Challenges were conquered, conversations were created, and awareness was made. Best of all, we raised awareness about and funds for this amazing cause. Our contributions are now assisting over 30,000 people living in South Sudan where there is a devastating drought. 

In my experiences, cycling has an incredible ability to bring people

together. In every group ride, friendships emerges. On this adventure, we will unite as a team locally, push barriers globally, and impact lives internationally. I believe in our ability to challenge ourselves to live beyond what we even felt was possible. As Alex said, I want the whole world to have access to safe and clean drinking water. I do not think this is an unrealistic goal. 

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John Audia

I was born in Switzerland, moved to Calgary, Alberta when I was 2 years old and recently moved back after spending 20 years in Toronto. I’m an avid athlete that loves the mountains and was born to fish, golf and ride.

This is the first year that I am participating in the Wheels for Wells Vancouver to Calgary Bike Tour and I’m excited to be riding with the Amazing Team that our captain has assembled. Although the ride will create challenges in both preparation and completion, it pales in comparison to the ongoing challenges that most people in world face everyday.

I’ve travelled all around the world to realize that we are truly fortunate to live where we do and that most of us take basic luxuries like clean water for granted. Water is the essential ingredient for life and growth and by completing this ride, our Team hopes to raise awareness and make a difference on this planet we all share. Thanks in advance for helping us with our fund raising efforts and for your support on this journey that together, we are embarking on.

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David Custer 

Paulo Stroud-Baranda

Vancouver to Calgary 

July 27-31, 2017

Tour 2016 photo

I am living in Calgary, and grew up in Edmonton. While pursuing a degree in Physical Education, I looked to put some theoretical knowledge to practice and began participating in loftier and loftier endurance challenges. In this pursuit to understand the body I have completed marathons, ultra-marathons, and half Ironman distance triathlons. This ride is sure to present its share of challenges and I revel in the thought of meeting them head on with this group of riders while experiencing some of the best landscapes imaginable; all from the comfort of a bike saddle.


Over the course of this ride I will look to support my teammates and raise awareness to the issue of accessible drinking water. Accessible, potable, water is a fundamental determinate of health that, in Canada, we are fortunate to have brought into our homes. I'm looking forward to raising awareness for those who don't have the same luxury and hope to spread some appreciation to those who do for one of our country's greatest resources.

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Kory Howard

Mac Potter

Image: Feisal Omar/Reuters, Statistic:World Vision 

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