Over 663 million people  on the planet do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. Thousands of people die everyday because of water-related diseases. Community growth is stunted as time and energy is devoted towards collecting water and fighting diseases instead of being invested into learning initiatives. Children typically collect water for the community and they walk an average of 6kms everyday to collect buckets of water from sources that may not even be potable. 

These statistics are not ok with us. Wheels for Wells believes that everyone in the world can have access to safe and clean drinking water! We do not believe that this is an unrealistic goal and we found a fun way to accomplish it!

The Wheels for Wells bike riding events give all cyclists the opportunity to raise awareness about global water concerns and raise the funds that are needed to create sustainable water projects. 

All funds that are raised are donated to third-party charities that have low administration fees and high success rates. We define success as long-term sustainable water projects that help communities grow! We are currently partnered with World Vision and their clean water projects.


As of June 6, 2016, $177,000 has been raised and four water projects have been established in Kenya, Mauritania, Somalia and Sudan. This has impacted thousands of people’s lives. The children of these communities are now thriving and parents are thrilled!

Wheels for Wells is 100% run by volunteers and our sponsor's contributions.    Wheels for Wells donates all of the funds raised to third party charities.

It feels great to make a significant impact on entire communities and to do something amazing in the world!!


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