Alex Weber was nine years old when he learned that over one billion people on the planet did not have access to safe drinking water and that every day thousands of children die because of water-related diseases. This statistic was not ok with him. Alex started a community initiative called Wheels for Wells. His mission: To provide clean and safe drinking water to the world.

Creating a non-profit organization is a lot of work. "The first year we started it I didn't know what it took to organize a big event in Calgary. There was all kinds of forms we had to fill out and permits we had to get... especially for the roads. I mean, I was nine, I barely knew my own address let alone the roads we needed to get permits for, but we worked through it and got it done and now the ride has grown” (Alex, 2015).

In the first year he raised over 25,000 dollars. Alex donated this money to World Vision and a water well was established in a village is Mauritania, Africa. This was the first Wheels for Wells event.

Alex Weber


Debbie Rice

Volunteer Director of Food Donations

Debbie and her husband, Russell, have lived in Calgary for 22 years. Their lives have centered around their family and community.  They watched their two children grow up here. They've participated in community sports and stayed active as a family.

Debbie finds her career in Real Estate (Re/Max Landan) to be very rewarding. Debbie enjoys her clients and the time she spends with them searching out homes and researching best values for their current home.

Debbie chose to get involved with Wheels for Wells in its initial stages. Ever since then she has encouraged, prayed for, and supported Alex's dream: the dreams of a young boy who listened to his heart and God when he saw that there was a need to be met in the world."I find Alex's passion for people so refreshing."(Debbie Rice) 

Debbie is good friends with the Weber family. "Alex's family touched my heart. The entire Weber family wants to be all they can be for God" (Debbie Rice). Coincidently, Alex and Debbie share the same favorite scripture, "I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

Debbie is so excited to continue working with Wheels for Wells as Sarah Fillier and David Custer continue to grow Alex's dream. Debbie is the Wheels for Wells Director of Food Services! We can give a big thank you to Debbie for arranging the food sponsors for the Wheels for Wells Community Bike Ride!

Josh Rice

Volunteer Director of Roads and Safety

As a long-term friend of Alex, Josh first heard about the Wheels for Wells vision during a youth meeting in 2011. Josh was inspired by Alex's passion and believed in Alex's dream: Everyone should have access to safe and clean water. Josh contributed to Wheels for Wells by either participating in or volunteering for every event possible! When the opportunity for the director of roads and safety opened up, Josh immediately  jumped on-board.


As a member of the Ambrose varsity volleyball team, Josh's unique perspectives on athletics is that sports have the ability to unite community members for a greater good. Josh wrote, "I love how sports can connect people. I love that Alex started Wheels for Wells based on his passion for helping others and riding bikes. He used sports to connect our local community and make a difference to our international community."


In 2015/2016  Josh joined an international mission to South Africa. This experience enhanced his already fiery passion to help those living in poverty.  Currently a student in pastoral studies, Josh wrote, "In the Bible, Jesus says that when we are giving water to the thirsty, we are also giving it to Him (Matthew 25:40). I want to be serving the Lord through Wheels for Wells. Alex has truly inspired me and I want to do everything I can to contribute to his incredible dream."

Lindie Roberts

Assistant Coordinator of Outreach and Communications

Lindie first heard about Wheels for Wells five years ago at her church when Alex came to share about his first ride. She was reacquainted with the organization after volunteering with the community bike ride in 2016. Thanks to a friendly nudge from lifetime volunteer Julia Amulung, Lindie shifted from seasonal volunteer to year round team member!  

“I am thrilled to be able to help this unbelievably worthy organization achieve their goals. When I learned there was a need for another year round volunteer I leaped onboard so that I could become involved in the behind-the-scenes preparations. “


Like the rest of the team, Lindie is inspired by the way the community has supported Alex and the Wheels for Wells Water Projects NPO succeed in achieving their mission. Everyone in the world should have access to safe and clean drinking water.


Lindie has a personal connection to this mission “What tugged on my heartstrings about this particular NPO is its focus of getting clean water to those without. My parents are currently missionaries living among people in Northern Ghana who struggle at times to find water and sustain themselves. I hear stories from my parents and, while visiting, I witnessed first hand the impact that having clean and safe water has on a community”


Lindie wants to make a difference in the lives of others and strongly believes being involved with Wheels for Wells, and the work they do is a great way to do so.

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